SuperClinic Hospital Management System

Our Hospital Management Portal is a robust Online Hospital Management System that includes inbuilt features and options that any Hospital Management Software demands. An advanced, powerfull, flexible complete management software
for Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic center, Medical institute.

Our HMS application is designed to meet key requirements of Doctors like -- Quick & Easy way to Generate Prescriptions, View Patient Profile + Case History and many more On top of that we have integrated SMS Notification and Reminder system to update patient about appointment status and next routine checkup date. We believe that with changing technology in Healthcare industry it’s very important that Hospitals and Clinics also upgrade their Hospital Management System to ensure quick and reliable service.

How it works.

Key Features

All user accounts management

The admin can create and manage all 7 user accounts.

Notice board schedule

Easily create notices and view them in event calendar.

Profile system

Edit profile settings as you wish.

Appointment management

The doctor can create and manage appointments with patients.

Appointment schedule

View all appointments at a glance in calendar view.

SMS notification

Patients get notified via sms after appointment approval.

Appointment filtering

Receptionists are able to filter appointments based on doctors and time periods for ease of access.

Prescription and diagnosis reports

The doctor assigns prescriptions and diagnosis reports to patients.

Medical reports management

Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports.

Medication history

View entire medication history of patients.

Appointment application

Patients can apply for appointments with a doctor.

Bed allotment and blood bank management

All beds/wards, blood bank and blood donor status can be managed efficiently.

Medicine management

Pharmacists can manage all medicines.

Invoice management

All invoices and payment information is managed by accountant.

Internal messaging

Private messaging between doctor and patient.

Noticeboard schedule

Easily create notices and view them in event calendar.

Patient profile view

View profile information of a patient.

Medication history

View entire medication history of patients.

Prescription details

Patient's detailed prescription view.

Diagnostic report view

Associated diagnostic reports of a prescription.

Appointment application

Patients can apply for appointments with a doctor.

Receptionist account

Receptionist user account capable of managing all appointments.

Appointment management

Appointments filtering and management by receptionist.

Private messaging

Internal private messaging between doctor and patient.

Customizable sms service

User-friendly and editable sms notification service.

Why Choose SuperClinic : Hospital Management System ?

Our Hospital Management Software - is an end to end Hospital Management System. It serves as both a Hospital MIS (Management Information System) and a clinic management software of all shapes and sizes. Our strength is in both the functionality and user friendly interface of our web based hospital management software or commonly referred as hospital management system.

Increasingly Healthcare Institutions are facing challenges in effective communications to all stakeholders - Doctors, Patients, Staff and Management. With multiple channels of communications like SMS, Email, Online Portal, maintaining and tracking unified communications is extremely important to create a thriving ecosystem of the engaged community.

We have created an strong hospital information management system that handles all key areas like ADMIN Modules , DOCTOR MODULE, PATIENT MODULE, NURSE MODULE, RECEPTIONIST MODULE, LABORATORIST MODULE, PHARMACIST MODULE. We also provide turn-key data conversion and system setup, free training, and unlimited customer support. We have state-of-art facility to ensure your data is fully secured and only your staff has access to system. We have built daily backup system to ensure at no point you experience downtime or data loss.

There are many types of Healthcare Management Software's available, however most of them are desktop based system and involve huge setup cost like Application License Fee, Hardware Cost, Installation Fee and many more types of hidden cost. However as an IT company we believe that for our clients to avail our Hospital Management System the initial cost should be minimum and hence we provide complete Web-Based Online Hospital Management Software that doesn’t involve huge Hardware cost. We have Annual and Quarterly subscription based plan available. Hence you save lot of time in setup and hardware installation like other In-house or Standalone Hospital Management Software's mostly available in market.

We also don't charge any AMC on hardware as there is no physical hardware installed at your facility. Your data and information is 100% secured and can only be accessed by you. Remember in today's date all your money with Banks and Personal details with Govt. Agencies is stored online and we all use and trust these services. So be rest assured going online is 100% safe and secured !!

We make SuperClinic affordable for size of hospitals. To know more about commercial and live demo of our Hospital Management System call us at below given number.

Call : +91 86572 15533 (India) | TollFree (US/CA): 1 888 581 7997 | Email : today !

Benefits of : Online Hospital Management System

Huge Setup Cost is required : Server Hardware Cost, Desktop Cost, LAN Setup Cost, Installation Cost and many more types of hidden cost. ZERO HARDWARE Cost - You don't need to buy any special hardware to use our SuperClinic
Onsite Installation of Application on Server and Desktop involve lots of time and also additional cost of Application License Applicaition is live on our server you just need to login and start using it from any desktop / laptop / tablet or Mobile device. No special hardware or software required to be installed with SuperClinic
You need to pay additional AMC for Hardware every year ZERO AMC Cost with SuperClinic
You need to take regular backup on additional HDD to ensure you don't loose all data in case of harddisk failure. Your data is back-up automatically by our servers hence ZERO dataloss risk with SuperClinic
Application Upgradation involve huge development cost and timing Development cost is minimum and implementation time is also very less with SuperClinic
If you are looking for site expansion or upgrade your existing application as per your hosptial requirment. It involve lot of time and huge developement cost As our hospital management software is completely web-based no limitation in terms of site expansion. You just need internet connectivity to use with SuperClinic hospital system.
Your intial implementation and develoment cost would go in Lakhs of rupees. Even before your hosptial has gone live. You would be paying a subscription fees and as your hospital grows you can upgrade and add addtional modules. Hence save lot of money and time with SuperClinic with minimum golive cost.
You cannot access or manage your account outside your hosptial. Hence you loose visibility of records if you are not at facility Your account is 100% secured with add-on protection of SMS OTP for login. Also as its completly web-based you can access and connect with your hospital from anywhere anytime. Even from Mobile Phone use with SuperClinic


Key Highlights of our Hospital Management System/p>

MultiPurpose Dashboard

  • Multi User System

    In our online hospital system you get option to have independent account and dashboard for doctor, receptionist, pharmacist, nurse, accountant & patients.
  • Monitor Hospital

    - Allot Beds to patient
    - Manage blood donation
    - Blood bank reserve list
    - Generate reports
    - Enlist medicine supply
  • Doctor Appointment Manager

    - Set Appointment from Receptionist
    - Appointment Confirmation / Cancel
    - SMS Notification to Patient


  • Precription & Diagnotic Report

    - Create Detailed Prescription
    - Patient Case History
    - Prescription Printing Facility
  • Patient Admission & Discharge

    - Add patient for treatment
    - Receive payments from patient
    - Discharge patients
    - Manage patient information
  • Payrol Management

    - Generate payroll for staff
    - Define staff salary
    - Add allowances and deduction
    - Generate and print payslip


Hi, this is one of the best app i have ever seen for hospital management system. Great job!
graj: Stepen Hosptial